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  • What is a PLR Product?
    A PLR ebook refers to a digital book that can be acquired with exclusive rights, allowing you to modify and publish it under your own name. They are accompanied by a private label license, granting you the freedom to alter the content and claim authorship as your own. Purchasing a PLR Product is a very simple concept. Once you buy a PLR product, you gain FULL rights to be able to use it for selling and rebranding. This means that you can put yourself as the author, rebrand, and resell however many times you want, since you own ALL the rights. After purchase, you will officially be licensed to do as you please.
  • Is selling PLR ebooks worth it?
    Utilizing PLR content effectively can be highly valuable, as it hinges on how you leverage its potential. Creating and selling digital products and printables using PLR content can serve as an excellent means to generate passive income. In general, PLR content can be acquired at a reasonable cost, enabling you to resell it and generate profits.
  • Where can I sell my digital products?
    You are free to sell your digital products on any web platform of your choice. There are many platforms, such as Wix or Sellfy, just to mention a few. You are able to market your products on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and even Google Ads.
  • Is rebranding required after purchasing?
    No. Although, it is recommended to stand out from other people, you do not need to rebrand at all. It is entirely up to you. Many clients end up selling thousands of the same product, without rebranding.
  • How do I advertise my eBook products?
    There are numerous ways to sell your ebook products, such as Facebook Targeted Advertising, creating a website or landing page to promote it, showcasing it on Instagram, Pinterest, Google Ads, and much more. This is something that we train our franchisees for when they buy our prebuilt website.
  • Is this legal?
    Absolutely, yes it is! Large companies all around the world use private label and master resale rights to make millions of dollars. Amazon, including many other businesses use PLR products as well. With much potential and a low saturated market, there are huge opportunities for you to be a part of. Start today and be ahead of the curve.
  • What is your refund policy?
    There are no refunds on all digital downloads, due to the nature of purchasing items that are instantly sent to you for downloading. If you have a question about one of our products, simply message us before purchasing. There are no refunds on other services, such as PLR Franchise Websites, Memberships, and any other service offered by our team. Once the order has been placed, all sales are final, due to the nature of the work that is involved.
  • Do you have a shipping policy?
    Since there is no shipping involved, shipping rules do not apply. However, be informed that once you purchase a digital download, the link is automatically sent to you in the page that follows the purchase. Click the download icon, and save to your computer drive.
  • Can I publish a PLR eBook on Amazon?
    Certainly, it is possible to sell PLR articles as ebooks on Amazon. Amazon provides self-publishing tools that facilitate the creation and publication of ebooks in a quick and straightforward manner. However, it is crucial to ensure that the PLR articles utilized are not plagiarized or copyrighted, as Amazon strictly prohibits books that are plagiarized or copyrighted. Your safest bet is to change the cover, title, and contents of the eBook. Create a new introduction, conclusion, and add some new chapters, while changing the names of other chapters. You may also use rewriting software to help with changing the word structure.
  • What is the difference between MMR and PLR?
    Generally speaking, some products can differ slightly in their rights per say. We mostly work with PLR products, and from time to time you will find an MMR product. Both are resellable without limits, and can be used for content marketing. The main difference is that an MMR product is usually made to resell (or used as content), whereas a PLR product is made to put yourself as the author or owner. Regardless of the fine details, the vast majority of people end up rebranding both MMR and PLR products, without strictly adhering to all the rules. There is no jurisdiction or governing body that enforces PLR rights, and it is up to each individual to act accordingly. All in all, whether PLR or MMR, you're on safe grounds. That being said, you're free to change graphic covers and eBook contents, thereby creating an entirely new eBook.
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