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We're revealing to you our top tools for editing, creating, marketing and selling your PLR digital products. Learn the best tools for creating sales funnels, landing pages, email marketing, and more. Turn your small side hustle into a money-making machine! Please use the affiliate links provided. If you happen to make a purchase, message us to receive your next eBook free.

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An email marketing tool is essential for selling PLR digital products due to its capacity to build a targeted audience, facilitate direct communication, and personalize messages. Segmentation and automation enable tailored content delivery, while drip campaigns nurture leads and showcase product benefits. Promotions and discounts can be effectively conveyed, while data insights refine strategies. Long-term customer relationships are fostered through consistent communication, enhancing brand trust. This cost-effective channel provides a direct line to potential buyers, making it a crucial tool for digital product sellers to engage, convert, and retain customers. This will also be essential for using free give away lead magnets that can later lead the customer towards buying a prouct.

Use AWeber To Create a Lead Magnet Landing Page

User-friendly tools and tutorials make building an audience fast and easy. Whether you're creating a simple email newsletter or building an entire digital business, AWeber is the perfect place to leverage the power of email.


  • Up to 500 subscribers

  • 1 Email list

  • 1 Landing page

  • 1 Email automation

  • Basic email support

​LITE - $12.50 / mo

  • Unlimited subscribers

  • 1 Email list

  • 3 Landing pages

  • 3 Email automations

  • 3 Users

  • 1 Custom segment

  • 24/7 Support

  • Advanced message analytics

​PLUS - $20 / mo

  • Unlimited subscribers

  • 1 Email list

  • 3 Landing pages

  • 3 Email automations

  • 3 Users

  • 1 Custom segment

  • 24/7 Support

  • Advanced message analytics

Aweber email marketing tool


  • the ability to import and host a mailing list

  • access to a large range of responsive email templates

  • autoresponder functionality

  • marketing automation functionality

  • reporting & split testing

  • RSS / blog to-email functionality

  • list segmentation

  • a landing page builder

  • phone, email and 24/7 live chat support

  • integrations with 758 third-party apps

  • basic ecommerce features

  • the option to add an unlimited number of users to your account.

  • AI Writing Assistant



Using a funnel page tool for sales pages is vital for optimized conversions. With user-friendly interfaces and pre-designed templates, these tools expedite setup, ensuring professional pages without coding expertise. They offer A/B testing, mobile responsiveness, and analytics for data-driven improvements. Integration capabilities streamline lead management, while customization maintains brand identity. Funnel tools enable complete sales funnel creation, saving time and costs. Scalable for business growth, these tools enhance the user experience and boost conversion rates, making them indispensable for effective digital marketing. Many funnel page tools also include email marketing.

Create Automated Sales Funnel Pages With offers a comprehensive set of tools for creating and managing online businesses, including email marketing, sales funnel creation, and membership site management. Its intuitive user interface makes it easy to set up and launch campaigns quickly.


  • 2000 Contacts

  • Unlimited Email Sending

  • 3 Sales Funnels

  • 15 Sales Funnel Steps

  • 1 Blog

  • Unlimited Blog Posts

  • 1 Course

  • Unlimited Students

  • Unlimited Community

  • Members

  • Unlimited File Storage

  • 1 Automation Rule

  • 1 Workflow

  • 1 Tag

  • 1 Email Campaign

  • 1 One-click Upsell

  • 1 Order Bump

  • 1 A/B Test

  • 1 Coupon Code

  • 1 Custom Domain

​STARTUP- $27 / mo

  • 5000 Contacts

  • Unlimited Email Sending

  • 10 Sales Funnels

  • 50 Sales Funnel Steps

  • 5 Blogs

  • Unlimited Blog Posts

  • 5 Courses

  • Unlimited Students

  • Unlimited Community

  • Members

  • Unlimited File Storage

  • 10 Automation Rules

  • 5 Workflows

  • 10 Tag

  • 10 Email Campaigns

  • 10 One-click Upsells

  • 10 Order Bumps

  • 10 A/B Tests

  • 10 Coupon Codes

  • 3 Custom Domains


  • Sales funnels

  • Templates Offered

  • Email marketing

  • Website builder

  • Affiliate program management

  • Business automation

  • Evergreen webinars

  • Online courses

  • Blogging

  • Sell products

Note: Other plans offered are Webinar Plan ($47 / mo) and Unlimited Plan ($97 /mo)


Having an eBook designer for editing and selling eBooks is essential. They ensure professional presentation, captivating visuals, and proper formatting, improving readability and user experience. A well-designed eBook reflects your brand identity, builds credibility, and differentiates your content in a competitive market. For selling, a designer's touch increases conversion rates with eye-catching covers and sales pages. Their expertise saves you time and can encompass editing and proofreading services. Overall, an eBook designer adds immense value, making your eBook more appealing, marketable, and aligned with your goals.

Create Stunning eBooks & Covers With Designrr

Transform your Blog posts, Podcasts, Videos and PDFs into eBooks, Show Notes, Dynamic Flipbooks, Transcripts, PDFs and Web pages. Designrr allows you to design interactive content, manage leads and target relevant audiences via a unified platform. The artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled transcription solution lets marketers generate transcriptions from audio, video and YouTube files.

​STANDARD PLAN - $29 / mo

  • 1 User

  • 100 Project Templates

  • 922 Google fonts

  • Create Unlimited eBooks

  • Unlimited Use Of Copyright Free Images

  • Page Numbering & Table Of Contents Generator

  • Import From the Web, MS Word & Google Docs

  • Flipbook Generator

​PRO - $39 / mo

  • 1 User

  • 300+ Project Templates

  • 200+ Cover Designs

  • 922 Google Fonts

  • 3d Cover Image Tool

  • Create Unlimited eBooks

  • Unlimited Use Of Copyright Free Images

  • Page Numbering & Table Of Contents Generator

  • Import From the Web, MS Word, Google Docs & PDF

  • Export to Kindle, iBooks, ePub

  • Clone Projects

  • Flipbook Generator From Any PDF

Edit PLR eBooks Designrr

Note: Other plans offered are Premium Plan ($49 / mo) and Business Plan ($99 /mo), which allow video transcription and more.


  • Import Content or Start from Scratch

  • Choose From Over 100 Templates

  • Customize and Publish eBooks

  • Copyright Free Image Library

  • Image Editor

  • Table of Contents & Page

  • Numbering

  • Facebook Import

  • Project Draft Editor

  • Create Flipbooks


This is an exclusive one time payment offer of $27 offered only via our partnership program. It also comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.



  • Earn commission (20 - 40%) on all eBooks, Memberships, and Franchise sales 

  • Prebuilt Website Super Franchise Purchase Valued at $995, which equals at least $200 in your bank for each sale.

  • Landing Page, Graphic Banners, Ad Material, Instagram Posts, Pinterest Posts all done for you! Perfect for Influencers, Bloggers, Marketers, and Web Designers.

  • High conversion rate from many targeted niches (Business, Finance, Health, Beauty, Fitness, Diet, Personal Development, Social Media Advertising, Online Business, just to name a few).

  • Selection of over 500 digital products, with top-selling PLR eBooks

  • Sought-after products from business owners, bloggers, content marketers, hobby readers, coaches, course creators, eBook writers, affiliate sellers, etc.

  •  Video training tutorials offered to help you bring in traffic, achieve growth and be successful in affiliate marketing.

  • Recruit sub-affiliates to work and help you to gain more. 

  • Reach new markets and customers by advertising in any country of your choice.



Must have a strategy for becoming an affiliate. This could include a landing page, website, blog, YouTube channel, paid ads, social media following, etc.

This could be, but is not limited to: Social Media following (minimum of 1K), YouTube channel with at least 1K subscribers, email marketing list of active subscribers, a website or blog with at least 1K monthly visits.

For VLoggers, you must have an example of one decent video you have created with 1000+ views. Tutorial / tech, passive income, and travel videos (geared towards living a digital nomad life) are acceptable niches also.




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