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 Franchisee Training 

Just a few more steps to get your business ready!
Watch these videos and read the texts below to understand your dashboard and adjust your website as needed!

Training Video 1:
Quick Start Guide

Video Content - Quick Reference
Accepting Wix Invite Link / Creating Wix Account - Completed
Operating Your Dashboard - 1:00
Viewing Your Website - 2:22
Adding New Products - 3:55
Managing Your Collections - 6:57
Accessing Your Contacts - 7:15
Creating Marketing Emails - 7:30
Creating Coupons - skip this part and refer to the section below, Creating Membership Coupons
Analytics & Reports - 9:26
Connecting Your Payment Methods - 9:57
Website Settings - Business Info - 11:00
Wix Hosting & Domain Purchase -14:06
Connecting Your Domain - 16:10

Important: Ignore the part about coupons. When you get a new member (monthly subscribed), you must create them a  personalized coupon code in Marketing & SEO > Coupons. This coupon is for free eBook downloads. You can use their first name, day and month for the code e.g. Tom0108. Set the download limit according to their plan. See the photo below for more details:

Creating Membership Coupons


Note: The personal coupon you create for your customer (for free eBooks) can be set with or without an end date. If you do not use an end date, simply check your coupon codes at the end of the month. If some require updating, simply delete them and re-create with the same code, or up the download limit if all their downloads have been used (e.g. extra 10 for the following month).

Your other coupon codes (e.g. PLR Silver Digital, PLR Gold Digital, etc) that are already set in your coupons are for selling digital products at discounted prices. Basically, it allows your members to receive special discounts on any products that are not eBooks, which you may end up selling in the near future. If you do ever change this coupon code for digital products, be sure to change the code in your plan Thank You message by doing the following:

Dashboard > Pricing Plans (left side) > Select a plan (edit) > Scroll down > Customize a Thank You Page (edit) > Update the message (insert your new coupon codes)


Training Video 3:
Complete Guide to Dashboard

Video Content - Quick Reference
Inbox - Sending Messages & Viewing Website Visitors
Adding New Products (Recap) - 1:55
Traffic Overview & Website Statistics - 8:00
Viewing Store Orders - 8:54
Viewing Contacts - 9:40
Creating an Email Marketing Campaign - 10:47
Social Posts & Canva - 13:15
Creating Videos - 14:25
Creating Coupons - 14:32
Settings - 16:18

Note: Premium coupon code does not work on our website unless you are a Premium Member. 

What happens when someone buys a franchise from your website?
You earn your share of the sale. When someone buys a franchise from you, you will:

  1. Write to us and notifying us of the purchase, and sending us a screenshot with the exact full name, email, purchase amount, and phone number of the customer. We take care of the rest.

  2. Depending on your franchise agreement, you will keep 20% - 40% of the sale. You simply send a PayPal payment to PLR Ebook Supplier for the difference that is owed to us. Alternatively, you may make a purchase on our website, with a coupon code that is provided to you, ensuring that we receive our share. Simply put, you keep your share, and we keep our share.

Click the images below to learn more about each topic:

Upgrade Site Search.jpg

Adding Stripe Payments


PayPal Payments

How to Create a Bundle

Training Video 2:
Connecting to Google & Changing Social Links

Video Content - Quick Reference
Wix Hosting Plans & Connecting Domain (Recap)
Connecting Website to Google - 1:45
Using Social Media Links - 5:20
Premium Access Page (skip this section) - 7:40
Connecting Stripe & PayPal - 13:50

Important: We recommend using Stripe as your primary payment method to avoid common problems (card fraud, verification, payouts, etc). Stripe is by far the best, allowing you to accept payment from 45+ countries. Instructions here on how to do that. 

How to Add a New Digital Product to Your Franchise Website: 

How to Edit Ebooks + Create New Book Cover:


Affiliates & Content Creators

If you do end up creating content (eBooks, audio, videos, templates, digital art, etc), you automatically qualify to have your content featured on our website, and instantly earn 50% commission for each sale. We do the marketing for you, so you just have to create and submit the content. 

Click below to use Canva FREE


- Easily design product covers
- Create social media templates
- Design eBook templates
- Thousands of HD stock photos


Click below to receive your FREE MEGA account


- Receive 20GB of free storage
- Easily store large product files
- Access your files on the go
- Modify your folders with ease

Create stunning eBooks

new-designrr-logo (1).jpg

- Create eBooks, flipbooks, audiobooks
- Many eBook templates to choose from
-  Perfect for turning blogs into eBooks
- Design quick and easy lead magnets

Download Free Software if needed!

Start Marketing on Google Now!

In this video you will learn the basics of Google ads and usage of cpc and your keywords to have a better control on your Google ad campaign

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