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A Complete Guide to PLR Ebooks

Updated: Jan 4

Do you want to make passive income from ebooks but need more time to write and market them? Relax, you're not alone. It's never too late to start a side income, and especially with just selling digital products online.

With the rapid increase in the ebook market, the overall revenue has increased to 20% from last year. The ebook market is setting new records each year.

You might be asking, is selling ebooks profitable? This article will cover everything about buying and selling ebooks online.

What are PLR Ebooks?

PLR means Private Label Rights, which allows you to sell, modify, and claim ownership of a product as though it were yours. PLR eBooks are assets you can use for educating and entertaining your audience besides gaining massive profits. Unlike other published books and articles, PLR ebooks give you the private rights to sell, modify, edit, or make any changes to the product as per your demand and requirements. Here are some reasons why you should use PLR ebooks: