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Make Money Online Selling PLR eBooks on Amazon Kindle

Make money selling PLR ebooks on Amazon Kindle! With millions of customers browsing Kindle's vast marketplace, there's a huge potential for profit. Start by selecting high-quality PLR ebooks in popular niches like self-help, business, or romance. Then, polish them up with some personal touches to make them stand out. Once ready, publish them on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform and leverage Amazon's powerful marketing tools to reach a broader audience. With consistent effort and strategic promotion, you can generate passive income and build a successful business selling PLR ebooks on Amazon Kindle. So, how can you make money selling PLR eBooks, creating a steady stream of revenue via Amazon? Let's get straight to the point! Here is your simple answer: customization. It all comes down to restructuring and redesigning your eBook into a newly branded product, and with the right tools, it's not as difficult as you might think.

Customizing PLR Content

This is how you can legally, ethically, and in a proper way use PLR content to generate cash on Amazon and other platforms: simply customize the content. There are many ways of doing this.

Once you have the PLR content in your hands, you have to update it by reorganizing its structure, change the graphics cover, add your own contents from your own experience and research, or otherwise change it in a fairly substantial way to make it your own.

We have found that the easiest and cheapest way to do this is with the Designrr tool to create the eBook, and Canva to create the graphics. After testing numerous PDF editors, and other eBook designers, Designrr is by far our go-to favorite. This is because it's super user-friendly, and allows you to create eBooks efficiently and quickly, with all the tools you need. It makes writing the content and putting in the design so much easier than other software tools, and even allows you to import content from websites, Word, PDF, and Google Docs. Canva also makes your cover design a piece of cake.

Once you've changed and reorganized the contents with Designrr, and changed your title and book cover with Canva, you can simply list the "new" eBook on KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) or other selling platforms, to create for yourself multiple streams of revenue.

Of course this takes more time than simply posting what you found on a PLR site, but after redesigning a few eBooks, you get really good and efficient at it! You're also adding value for the reader, since many of the PLR eBooks can be lacking insightful or new information, and this in turn makes your eBook more valuable, and keeps you on the good side of Amazon’s content policies (as well as the other platforms). If you add your own insights and experience to the existing PLR content, your book won’t be “undifferentiated.” It’ll be yours, simply put.

Basically, you’re using PLR as a source (hopefully one of many) of inspiration and content ideas, as opposed to a product. A simple Google search can bring you some great ideas and enhance the value of that digital ebook so much more.

How Much Is Enough?

Exactly how much customization is required?

Well, we don’t know. If what you want is to stick to the spirit of Amazon’s policy, you’d write a book from scratch, pouring out your assembled wisdom and instinct onto blank pages. But if you want to make money tomorrow morning, you would choose PLR content as a starting place.

If you’re worried about writing a complete new book all on your own, PLR will also help you get your confidence up. You can insert your own ideas into the licensed content, beginning to get a feel for how tone and pacing work and how to create a writing voice.

Used like that, or used as a source to boost your research and writing process, PLR is a handy tool.

Here are some tips to get your newly rebranded PLR eBook selling on Amazon Kindle:

  1. Start with a Pen Name If you do not want to use your real name, Amazon will allow you to choose a pen name. All you have to do is come up with a good pen name and put it in as an author. PLR eBook make decent books, but many individuals choose to save their real name for their own work.

  2. Change the Words If you choose to use a PLR eBook, you should basically use it for research and rewrite the material, adding your own words to it, with beginning and ending sentences being most important.

  3. Good Content is a Must Regardless of what you do, you must make sure the content is good. If you try selling an eBook on the kindle market that has poor content, you will receive bad reviews, which could ruin you. Don’t just grab a book and publish it right away – read through it and like we said, try to add your own words in there. If you have a large amount of great reviews, you can count on making more money.

  4. The Title Should Capture People’s Minds Wrong! When you are searching for a good book to read on the Amazon market, what do you look for? The title. The title is extremely important – it should be catchy. Do some keyword research and put popular keywords in the title.

  5. The Description Should be Catchy Once the title catches your eyes, what do you read next? The description. The description of the book should be catchy and really suck people in (don’t ever write a false description).

  6. The Cover is Important The Kindle cover, like the title and description, should be eye-catching. If you do not have an artistic bone in your body when it comes to creating eBook covers, you could hire a freelancer to do it for you, or use free tools. I recommend using Canva or Designrr.

  7. Offering Freebies or Discounts Some do not understand the concept behind giving away free copies or discounts. The whole reason behind this is so that you can collect positive reviews. In return, those positive reviews will help increase your sales. A freebie could be as simple as a PDF outlining 10 tips for the reader relating to your ebook.

  8. Make Sure They Are Easy to Read Of course, the content in the book should be easy to read. No one wants to take time reading a book that is hard to understand. Regardless, when you do it right, you can make a pretty penny off of selling PLR eBooks on the Amazon market. Just make sure you pay attention to the above points and you should do just fine.

Alternative to Selling On Amazon Kindle

If you are looking for an alternative to selling on Amazon Kindle, and want to become a more independent seller without Amazon taking over 30% of your profits, that's understandable too. We recommend Sellfy.

One of the things that sets Sellfy apart from other e-commerce platforms is its drag-and-drop store builder. This feature allows users to quickly and easily create a professional-looking storefront without any technical knowledge. The platform also offers a variety of customizable templates to choose from, making it easy to create a shop that aligns with your brand's aesthetic.

Whether you are selling digital products like video lessons, or physical merchandise like t-shirts or hoodies, Sellfy has you covered. It is simple and straightforward to build a store from scratch that lets you share your creations with the world and begin to generate revenue.

You can read more about Sellfy features and costs here. We've already done the testing and research for you!

Note: If you do plan on signing up for Sellfy, do so via our exclusive links, like the one below. Through that link, you can use our 20% discount off paid plans! Simply use the discount code: PLR

Once you have purchased a paid plan, send us a message here and we will be sending you your first eBook FREE to get started on.


If you do plan on using Designrr - be sure to purchase via this link - and if you plan on using Canva Pro for your graphics, purchase from this link . By doing so, we will be offering you our 3 top-selling eBooks on the topic of PLR income for FREE. Also when you leave us a meaningful review, we will return the favor by sending you more free eBooks and a special exclusive discount code. This will help you get started on generating revenue with your rebranded PLR products! These are the free eBooks you will receive from us:

BONUS 1 - This course exhibits the power of PLR material and the benefits you can get from it. It is a comprehensive course showing how to become proficient and profitable with PLR products. The methods used in this course come from experience and actual teachings to ensure that everything taught here is feasible. Suggested Retail: $15 - $20

BONUS 2 - Make Business Easy. Discover The Secrets Of Making PLR Profits... Has Success Been Evading You? Have You Been Wondering How You Can Leverage The Power Of The Internet? Would You Like To Know The Secrets Of Generating Extraordinary Revenues Online? What If There Was A Way Of Making Money With Low Investment? What If The Money Generation Could Run On Autopilot? Discover how you can turn PLR products into instant, recurring cash. Suggested Retail: $23 - $27

BONUS 3 - Monthly PLR Income Stream - Learn How To Monetize PLR Content and Create Multiple Streams Of Income. In this ebook, you will discover important strategies on how to monetize Private Label Rights content through membership subscription. Suggested Retail: $15 - $20

Note: If you end up purchasing Designrr or Canva from our affiliate links, simply contact us here, providing us with your name and email used for the purchase. We will be sending you the link to download our free bonuses!

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